CUBITUS – Final Meeting and European Conference 8th to 11th March in Berlin and Schwerin

The final meeting of the CUBITUS Project (“Curriculum for sustainable University Business Cooperation in the Tourism Sector”) commenced with the arrival of the partners in Berlin on 8th March.

The official programme began at the ITB Berlin Convention (Internationale Tourismusbörse Berlin), where Carmen Chasovschi, from the University of Suceava, presented the results of the project on 9th March to the Leisure-Trend Forum. In addition CUBITUS partners were able to discuss the project and its outcomes with many relevant experts in the project’s particular field.

In the evening the partners then travelled on to Schwerin, where the official final project meeting started the next day, hosted by the Baltic College (Fachhochschule des Mittelstandes).

Then on 11th March the international final project conference was staged at the Baltic College, focussing on cooperation between tourism education and the economy. In front of an audience of 90 international delegates Harry Glawe, the Minister of Economics, Construction and Tourism for the Federal State Government of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, opened the CUBITUS conference. CUBITUS partners as well as representatives from tourism education and from tourism-related sectors of the economy spoke about the experience and knowledge gained during the project and about its practical outcomes.

The CUBITUS project, funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus programme for lifelong learning, has produced valuable results, which will assist tourism enterprises and destinations in facing the challenges presented by demographic changes, helping them to adjust their focus to the increasingly important target area of tourism for senior citizens. During the last 30 months the CUBITUS Team from Romania (Ştefan cel Mare University of Suceava), Austria (SystemCert), Portugal (Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovacao), Turkey (Istanbul Chamber of Commerce), Wales (Coleg Llandrillo, UK), Estonia (Pärnu College of the University of Tartu), Italy (Florence Planet) und Germany (Fachhochschule des Mittelstandes FHM Schwerin) has developed concepts for improving collaborative working between higher education institutions and businesses in one of most important economic growth sectors, namely tourism and in particular health tourism and tourism for senior citizens.

A coaching programme to support micro, small and medium sized enterprises, closely aligned with specific individual needs, such as product development, staff training and marketing communication, will ensure that enterprises and destinations are suitably prepared to meet the needs of this growing and demanding target group.




From left to right: Alisan Cavaz, Heli Müristaja, Pauline Dale, Shyam Patiar, Michael Schwaiger, Ulrike Fergen, Uwe Hackl, Luis Maia, Carmen Boghean, Rosanna Censabella, Patrizia Giorio, Angela Albu, Gristel Leetma



FHM meets Leisure Trend Forum at ITB 2015

This year FHM was again part of the world's largest tourism fair, ITB Berlin. From 4 to 8 March 2015 tourism students, graduates and academic staff showcased the work of the university - this time in Hall 4.1, where the focus was on the theme of Adventure & Youth Travel - the ideal platform to market the new course of study "Leisure and Adventure Tourism".

Prof. Dr. Torsten Fischer; Sylvia Dinter & Prof. Dr. Ulrike Fergen

In addition, the university was represented by numerous other activities. At the 5th Leisure Trend Forum Prof. Dr. Torsten Fischer, regional manager of FHM Schwerin, presented the CUBITUS project, which provides concrete answers to how complex market developments and rapidly changing customer requirements in the European tourism sector can be better predicted and assessed, in order to safeguard Europe´s leading position in this sector.

During the following panel discussion at the Leisure Trend Forum, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Fergen,together with experts from academia and industry, discussed the topic "mega trends in the leisure and health industry and the demographic change in Europe." Professor Fergen explained both the opportunities and the risks posed by demographic change to European tourism. Also participating in this discussion were Patric Neeser (Managing Partner Alpine Catering GmbH NLS), Birgit Rehse (Operating and Marketing Manager Bad Bevensen Marketing GmbH) and Sophia Quint  (Media Relations Manager, Media Projects CEO & Head of Health Tourism Visit Berlin).

Prof.Dr.Ulrike Fergen;Patric Neeser;Prof.Dr.Heike Bähre;Birgit Rehse & Sophia Quint



The panel was hosted once again by Prof. Dr. Heike Bähre, who is also a lecturer at the FHMSchwerin and it was organised together with Sylvia Dinter, Director of the SD Group, the annual Leisure Trend Forum. As a practice partner company of FHM in the CUBITUS project Sylvia Dinter was awarded a pre-certificate as a "Consultant in Tourism", for her participation in the CUBITUS pilot coaching. Other practice partners in the CUBITUS coaching are Prof. Dr. Bähre as manager of the Integron Institute, Hotel Ascona in Bad Bevensen and the Open Air Museum Schwerin-Mueß.




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Third Cubitus Meeting

From 13 to 18/10/2014 the third project meeting of the international EU project CUBITUS was held in Porto. In a pilot-training, concepts and methods have been developed to optimize the theory-practice transfer between universities and SMEs in the tourism sector. One goal is to implement strategic partnerships and sustainable coaching programs between scientific institutes and small or medium-sized enterprises in one of the most important European tourism-sectors, the senior-tourism.

In addition to the project partners from Portugal, Wales, Turkey, Romania, Estonia, Austria, Italy and Germany more tourism experts from the partner countries participated in the training-course.

Following the training, the project partners from the universities in Estonia, Wales, Romania and Germany will apply the training-concept in their home-countries, each of them will coach several SMEs of the tourism sector.

An interim balance of the ongoing coachings will be discussed in the next meeting, which will take place in April 2015 in Istanbul. 

The participants of the pilot training in Portugal fltr: Miguel Santos (PT), Michael Schwaiger (DE), Heli Müristaja (EE), Kaire Ilus (EE), Uwe Hackl (ÖS), Maximilian Klarmann (ÖS), Carmen Nastase (RO), Sylvia Dinter (DE), Ulrike Fergen (DE), Heli Tooman (EE), Benjamin Alves (PT), Rosanne Censabella (IT), Hannah Goodall (GB), Martina Muriglio (IT), Alisan Cavaz (TK), Shyam Patiar (GB), Pauline Dale (GB), Lacramioara Beilic (RO)