On 7 March 2014 Prof. Dr. Torsten Fischer presented the concept and perspective of the Cubitus-Project at the ITB in Berlin.

He explained tourism is embedded in complex structures, multi-dimensional developments and business frameworks determined by global transformations. Furthermore Prof. Fischer demonstrated that currently european tourism is growing at a lower average-rate than world tourism.

Otherwise he have determined, that staff working in this sector, face low pay and for some, unbelievable working conditions, high staff turnover, a high share of informal employment arrangements and a lack of senior tourism infrastructure. All these indicate that, there is now a perceptible shortage in the professional workforce in tourism, and especially the senior tourism sector.


And so, the CUBITUS-Project seeks to overcome this situation by linking both stakeholders - universities and companies - in the "CUBITUS University Business Cooperation Model" which will be developed by the partnership. During the project, the team will test and further develop the model as a case study, for consulting and mentoring tourism companies regarding their orientation, to the growing market of senior tourism. In this context the team will also develop, the "CUBITUS Guidelines and Quality Standards for Senior Tourism". Last but not least, we will publish the "CUBITUS Green Paper", a strategy paper that will help raise awareness, of the low level of Europe’s university-business cooperation traditions and standards.