Third Cubitus Meeting

From 13 to 18/10/2014 the third project meeting of the international EU project CUBITUS was held in Porto. In a pilot-training, concepts and methods have been developed to optimize the theory-practice transfer between universities and SMEs in the tourism sector. One goal is to implement strategic partnerships and sustainable coaching programs between scientific institutes and small or medium-sized enterprises in one of the most important European tourism-sectors, the senior-tourism.

In addition to the project partners from Portugal, Wales, Turkey, Romania, Estonia, Austria, Italy and Germany more tourism experts from the partner countries participated in the training-course.

Following the training, the project partners from the universities in Estonia, Wales, Romania and Germany will apply the training-concept in their home-countries, each of them will coach several SMEs of the tourism sector.

An interim balance of the ongoing coachings will be discussed in the next meeting, which will take place in April 2015 in Istanbul. 

The participants of the pilot training in Portugal fltr: Miguel Santos (PT), Michael Schwaiger (DE), Heli Müristaja (EE), Kaire Ilus (EE), Uwe Hackl (ÖS), Maximilian Klarmann (ÖS), Carmen Nastase (RO), Sylvia Dinter (DE), Ulrike Fergen (DE), Heli Tooman (EE), Benjamin Alves (PT), Rosanne Censabella (IT), Hannah Goodall (GB), Martina Muriglio (IT), Alisan Cavaz (TK), Shyam Patiar (GB), Pauline Dale (GB), Lacramioara Beilic (RO)