System Cert

SystemCERT is a management system and person certification body accredited by the Republic of Austria. Person certification schemes contain so far the fields of quality management, safety management, leadership and trainers. The basis for the certification schemes are the developed certification programmes based on ISO 17024 which allows international recognition. This competence certification complements the existing qualification recognition possibilities however there are a number of significant differences to the accreditation programmes from schools.

SystemCERT has been involved in a number of European co-operation projects as experts for certification and management and has therefore rich experience in the European co-operation field. From 2009 to 2011 SystemCERT was the coordinating organisation of the LDV project ISOQUAM ( which explored ISO certification possibilities for lowly skilled workers in the metal industry. The certification process which was defined during this project was strictly based on the ISO 17024; these quality standards can also be adapted and applied for the CUBITUS training course which will be our main tasks in this project.

Role of partner organisation in the project

  • Contract partner to P1

  • Leader of WP3 "Development of CUBITUS ISO/IEC Certification Standards"

  • Development of curriculum for CUBITUS training course with P5/P1 (WP 4)

  • Internal evaluation of all CUBITUS products and participation at all other quality management activities

  • Participation at 5 transnational project meetings

  • Participation with at least one own expert at the CUBITUS training course in PT (responsible for ISO certification of learners finishing the course successfully)

  • Invitation of at least one external expert from AT to the CUBITUS training course in PT

  • Participation at transnational dissemination conference during the final meeting in DE

  • Distribution of all main materials and products in AT

  • Recruitment of 30 members for CUBITUS stakeholder pool from AT

  • Management of associated partners’ group and stakeholders from AT for supporting the CUBITUS project activities by evaluation, dissemination and promotion support

  • Organisation of a dissemination seminar in AT

  • Development of an national dissemination and exploitation report

  • Signing of Intellectual Property Rights with all other partners

  • Certification of successful participants of CUBITUS training course also after the project has ended

  • Sustainable implementation of CUBITUS course and products in AT in cooperation with national HEI


Dr. Franz Gruber

Director of SystemCERT, profession: factory mechanic, higher vocational school for engineering, university study - mine surveying, quality and environmental expert, quality auditor, welding engineer, project manager of several European co-operation projects.

Uwe Hackl

Director of SystemCERT, profession: attended the college for tourism and hotel management, practical experience in the tourism field for more than 15 years as hotel manager, project manager of the LDV project ISOQUAM, quality auditor, leading manager of the certification of ISO 17024 in the organisation SystemCERT, trainer and examiner for courses in the field of quality management, project management, process management and communication