Florence Planet

The Cooperative Florence Planet deals with Tourist Information Services, Hospitality, Museums Systems and Tourist Services.
Florence Planet was founded in 1999 by a group of experts in the field of tourism, information technology and publishing / multimedia. The aim of the cooperative is to obtain the continuity of employment, and the best economic, social and professional conditions for the members. In addition, Florence Planet offers a non-profit activity that aims to promote the human, moral and professional recovery and qualification of people, and to ensure social inclusion and employment for the disadvantaged or who is at risk of marginalization

The company has its headquarters in Florence and operates on the whole Italian territory, either directly or through local partners. The workforce of the company has highly qualified specialists in the following fields:

  • tourist accommodation

  • logistic organization in the system management / Poli Museali


TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY: It develops its expertise in the design and management counseling for tourist facilities in the phase of start-up, or in need of new strategies for market positioning. The management of the Tourist Information Offices of the City of Florence has allowed us to investigate on issues related to tourism with a focus on accessibility and social tourism.

THE MANAGEMENT OF MUSEUM SERVICES. In recent years the Cooperative has expanded its professionalism and its specialized activities through the management of care facilities and providing technical CUBITUSance (including Box Office and Bookshop) at the Museum System of Fiesole and at the Museum of Bigallo.

The Cooperative has received the Quality Management Systems Certification, according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 for activities included in the EA: 38f. The Cooperative received the certification for management activities, accommodation, tourist information, museum management services, organization of events aimed at providing employment for disadvantaged people.

Role of partner organisation in the project

  • Contract partner to P1

  • Main responsible for all product evaluation from an economic, pragmatic and tourism service providerĀ“s/enterpriseĀ“s point of view

  • Organisation and hosting transnational project meeting 1 (together with P1) and participation at the other four meetings

  • Participation with at least one own expert at the CUBITUS training course in PT

  • Invitation of at least one external expert from IT to the CUBITUS training course in PT

  • Participation at transnational dissemination conference during the final meeting in DE

  • Translation of all products and dissemination activities into ITA

  • Printing/publication and distribution of all main materials and products in IT

  • Recruitment of 30 members for CUBITUS stakeholder pool from IT

  • Management of associated partners group and stakeholders from IT for supporting the CUBITUS project activities by evaluation, dissemination and promotion support

  • Organisation of a dissemination seminar in IT

  • Development of an national dissemination and exploitation report

  • Signing of Intellectual Property Rights with all other partners

  • Sustainable implementation of CUBITUS course and products in IT in cooperation with national HEI


Dr. Shlomo Gimel

President and legal representative of the cooperative, Dr. Gimel, comes from the world of medicine, as a former chief of cardiac surgery with specialization in geriatrics, has decided to invest, with its experience and expertise in the world of cooperatives.
For years Dr. Gimel is the president of the cooperative and Florence Planet due to its ability to establish relationships with important representatives of both the public and private scene was able to create more and more opportunities for contact between the latter and the cooperative itself, with excellent results to contribute to the growth of Florence Planet.

Director Paolo Pestelli

Graduated in law and expert in the world of cooperatives, has been working for many years in this field. As director of the cooperative, with excellent organizational and management skills, able not only to optimize the skills and ability of working within the cooperative, but helps members to find the right work placement within the workplace.

Accountant Mr. Enrico Rindi

Mr. Rindi, trustworthy person, has had many years of experience in the world of cooperation. The role he plays is crucial within the cooperative, because thanks to the excellent opportunities created by the banks and financial institutions can ensure the best economic conditions for the cooperative.