Tartu University

Pärnu College of the University of Tartu was established in 1996 as the first college of Estonia's oldest and largest university - University of Tartu. It is known as the leading tourism education establishment in Estonia. Pärnu College has grown to provide innovative programmes in 7 fields of study:

  1. Entrepreneurship and Project Management (Diploma level)
  2. Tourism and Hotel Management (Diploma level)
  3. Social Work and Administration (Diploma level)
  4. Economics and Business Administration (BA level)
  5. Tourism Geography (Master level)
  6. Service Design and Management (Master level)
  7. Wellness and Spa Service Design and Management (International Master programme)


Under the guidance of a world-renowned university, Pärnu College offers highly qualified courses that meet the current needs of society. The main areas of research are regional economy and structural policy, tourism destination management and social services. Pärnu College sees its role as a spearhead for Tourism Management, Research, Training Business Development in Estonia, actively networking with institutions of the neighbouring countries. It can offer consultancy and training in a variety of key tourism sectors e.g. cross cultural tourism issues, the spa wellness sector, tourism quality management. In co-operation with national and international partners Pärnu College seeks training solutions for micro-businesses in Estonia who are often disadvantaged because of location and the fact that they are small operations run by the owners who, consequently, have little time to access training. Pärnu College will use its position as a part of the University of Tartu and its links with industry and institutions in neighbouring countries to disseminate information about the project and recruit new participants in the future. Therefore, we are very glad that we can contribute with our know-how, experience and contacts to the CUBITUS project.

Role of partner organisation in the project

  • Contract partner to P1

  • Leader of WP4 "CUBITUS pilots"

  • Development of "CUBITUS Senior Tourism Guidelines" in cooperation with P6/P8/P1

  • Internal evaluation of all CUBITUS products and participation at all other quality management activities.

  • Participation at 5 transnational project meetings

  • Participation with at least one own expert at the CUBITUS training course in PT

  • Invitation of at least one external expert from EE to the CUBITUS training course in PT

  • Participation at transnational dissemination conference during the final meeting in DE

  • Pilot implementation of the CUBITUS model in EE (in cooperation with at least 3 enterprises)

  • Translation of all products and dissemination materials into EST

  • Printing/publication and distribution of all main materials and products in EE

  • Dissemination of project through own networks and media

  • Recruitment of 30 members for CUBITUS stakeholder pool from EE

  • Management of associated partners group and stakeholders from EE for supporting the CUBITUS project activities by evaluation, dissemination and promotion support

  • Organisation of a dissemination seminar in EE

  • Development of an national dissemination and exploitation report

  • Signing of Intellectual Property Rights with all other partners

  • Sustainable usage/implementation of CUBITUS course and products in EE after the project has ended


Heli Tooman, PhD

Associate Professor of Tourism and Hotel Management. Specialist areas:

  • Basics of service philosophy and customer service
  • Wellness and spa service quality management
  • Customer oriented service design
  • Tourism marketing, destination marketing


Heli Müristaja, MSc.

Lecturer of Tourism Management, Head of Department of Tourism Studies in Pärnu College. Specialist areas:

  • Pre-Diploma placement
  • International tourism
  • Master´s studies seminar
  • Principles of sustainable development


Gristel Leetma

Project Manager, Department of Tourism Studies in Pärnu College.