Suceava University

Ştefan cel Mare University of Suceava is a state university, providing higher education of a high quality. USV provides a comprehensive curriculum including more than 130 undergraduate, master, doctoral, post-doctoral and lifelong education programmes of study. The university runs 9 faculties offering a wide range of traditional and modern study subjects. It also owns numerous laboratories for study and practical activities, its own library with more than 275,000 titles, an auditorium that accommodates 240 places, modern office spaces for administrative staff, a covered sports ground of 400 square metres, 4 hostels with facilities to accommodate 980 students, modern catering facilities, a planetarium; very special are the university’s own hunting lodge at Şipoţe and hotel in Vatra Dornei, as practical endowments for tourism specialisation.

The Faculty of Economics and Public Administration currently has over 4,000 students studying in the 10 undergraduate and 10 master programmes. The specialisation on tourism was the first core area of the faculty and it continues to attract a high number of students, due the high tourism potential of the Bucovina area. Thus, it complies with the current training demands at a regional level, meets the local labour market needs and correlates to the interests of young people in the area (the Suceava, Neamt, Botosani, Bistrita counties, etc) who wish to continue their professional and theoretical training by pursuing a higher education degree. In the highly dynamic environment that is present-day Romanian society, the Faculty of Economics and Public Administration takes upon itself the responsibility to train competent professionals who meet the requirements of the labour market, to develop the fundamental and applicative research activity in compliance with national and international standards, to integrate its academic programmes in the higher education system of the European Union and to promote the multi-cultural and inter-cultural values and traditions of Bukovina. In the field of tourism, the staff and students of the faculty have developed a large number of research and EU projects.

Role of partner organisation in the project

  • Contract partner to P1

  • Leader of WP 2 “CUBITUS Senior Tourism Guidelines” and main responsible for guidelines development (supported by P1, P4, P8)

  • Internal evaluation of other CUBITUS products and participation at all other quality management activities

  • Organisation and hosting transnational project meeting 2 and participation at the four others meetings

  • Participation with at least one own expert at the CUBITUS training course in PT (responsible for training implementation concerning the “CUBITUS Senior Tourism Guidelines”)

  • Invitation of at least one external expert from RO to the CUBITUS training course in PT

  • Participation at transnational dissemination conference during the final meeting in DE

  • Pilot implementation of the CUBITUS model in RO (in cooperation with at least 3 enterprises)

  • Translation of all products and dissemination materials into ROM

  • Printing/publication and distribution of all main materials and products in RO

  • Dissemination of project through own networks and media

  • Recruitment of 30 members for CUBITUS stakeholder pool from RO

  • Management of associated partners’ group and stakeholders from RO for supporting the CUBITUS project activities by evaluation, dissemination and promotion support

  • Organisation of a dissemination seminar in RO

  • Development of an national dissemination and exploitation report

  • Signing of Intellectual Property Rights with all other partners

  • Sustainable usage/implementation of CUBITUS course and products in RO after the project has ended


Dr. Carmen Chasovschi

Carmen Chasovschi graduated in tourism and has a PhD. in Human Resources Management. The main competences are in the fields of tourism, management, tourism development through participatory approach, strategic development and entrepreneurship. Carmen published several books in these fields and attended several professional programmes and scholarships in Japan, Germany, Italy and Austria. Today Carmen is associate professor at University of Suceava, Faculty of Economics and Public Administration.

Dr. Carmen Nastase

Carmen Nastase is professor doctor, University of Suceava, Faculty of Economics and Public Administration, Department of Economics, Business Administration and Tourism. She is editor in chief, The Annals of the Stefan cel Mare University, Fascicle of the Faculty of Economics and Public Administration, Journal classified by CNCSIS in the B+ Category, CNCSIS code 825. Carmen is also senior trainer in vocational training programmes in tourism field.

Otilia Bordeianu

Otilia Bordeianu is CUBITUSant professor, and PhD. Student in the field of tourism. He is teaching tourism at the Faculty of Economics and Public Administration, and was involved in several international EU projects, as researcher, but as trainer as well in formal and non-formal educational programs.